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 Heart of Kenya 2018 Anniversary Jewelry

Purchasing this Anniversary piece benefits HFLW Education Program!  The "Heart of Kenya"  comes in a pendant, a key chain, or pin.  Designed by HFLW, crafted by the women of Kazuri Bead in Karen-Nairobi, Kenya.  HFLW thank the women for crafting such a lovely piece that represents the courage and strength of the Kenyan people by donating a portion of the proceeds back to them!  Each piece is numbered with only 199 pieces available.  Made from clay at Mt. Kenya.  Size: 1 1/2" x 11/2". Pendant adjustable from 10"t o 16"   
                 $35 plus $5 shipping and handling. 
   Education Fund 2018
The Education Fund offsets the student's needs.
Even with our students being sponsored there are other obligations that need to be met.  Sponsors pay for school fees, but other items that assist with the education of the student can be needed and are not limited to:  books, school uniforms, school supplies, shoes, gym outfits, book bags, school trips & extracurricular activities, medical needs, transportation to and from school, boarding school supplies such as soaps, sanitary pads, toothpaste etc.  Parents and guardians will help the best they can when necessary but the overall obligation falls on HFLW.  For our students to be successful they must go to school with no worries.  The Education Fund cares for those differences in their needs.  It pays for school fees for a student that has not been sponsored as of yet, or has lost their sponsor.  If you do not feel that sponsoring a child is something you want to do but you still want to help, donate to the Education Fund and let us take on the responsibility for you!  

Annual Career 3-Day Event

Our annual event is designed for University, secondary, and Class 7 & 8 level students.  All students come together for 3 overnights, meals, & 4 days of workshops & guest speakers. They learn about available careers from teaching to nursing, accountants to communication specialist.  A tour of a corporation in Nairobi gives students insight to what they could one day aspire to do. This is a huge treat for many who have never left home or rode a bus to see the city sights! Spending time with other students from different areas of Kenya, with different interests in their futures and from different tribes is a way to begin opening the doors to what it will be like when they one day leave home to start a life of their own.  Coming together for 4 days builds lasting friendships with an enthusiasm for success! 
Support a Student ~ Send them to Career 3-Day
$85 Donation  Education Fund


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