Esther Preparatory School
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Motto:  Hard Work and Excellence  
Esther Preparatory School was founded in 2012 by Mrs. Esther Wanjohi Mukundi who is a teacher by profession.  Mrs. Mukundi resigned in 2008 to follow her passion in giving care, hope and education to needy and vulnerable children from the Ngong Community.  Esther has a Masters in Community Care and HIV/Aids from University of Wales Lampeter.  It was during her master's research in Ngong that she came across many kids who were out of government schools because they could not afford stationary, school uniforms, desk and other developmental fees that all parents must pay.  With her education background she felt the need to do a school for needy, vulnerable and HIV/Aids affected children.
Esther supports the school through the sales of beadwork and school uniforms to other schools.  In 2012 Esther picked 42 children aged 3 - 10 from her research groups.  Many of these kids did not have access to gain entry to the government schools.  Her and her family donated their family premise to use it as classes.  Since then the school has continued to grow.  Today the school has a population of over 500 students from pre-school to Class 8.

 Esther Preparatory School Wish List:
  • Students Sponsored
  • Paid Snack Program for Children
  • Construction of a Computer Lab
  • New Curriculum Text Books
  • Classroom Construction

To learn more about the Wish List and what you can do to assist the school to realize it's dreams and goals click here.

To sponsor a student choose below and follow directions on How to Sponsor.
Volunteers from the USA serving snacks to students.
 Esther Preparatory School Students Needing Sponsorship
Primary Students needing sponsors are shown below.  The students will be all ages from Baby Class through Class 8.  To sponsor a child please follow the guidelines listed in our How To Sponsor Guide.  Smiling faces are hard to resist!
Sponsor-ship fees/gifts for all those posted on this page are for $20 per month.  $20 will cover the students school fees, starter school supplies and their daily lunch.  The $20 fee does not cover the cost of the morning snack program which is a cost of $2 per month.  If you would like to provide your sponsored child at Esther Prep with a daily snack let us know, and add $2 monthly to your school fee gift.  This provides the pupil with porridge and a snack mid morning to keep their energy up.  Uniforms, shoes, books, are an added expense if you would like to gift them to your student.  Please feel free to ask any questions either via email or call 928-451-2522. Jennie 937-622-8092
      Faith K. SPONSORED                Mary C. SPONSORED          Emmanuel K. SPONSORED    Christine O. 6yrs  Class 1        Oscar W. 6yrs Class 1         Emmanuel T. 9yrs Class 2         
  Issac M. 6yrs SPONSORED      Virgina W. 9yrs Class 3          Sylvester M. 9yrs Class 3           Susan W. 10yrs Class 4               Joel K. 12yrs Class 5              Beth N. SPONSORED
     Martin M. 11yrs Class 5        Serena N. 13yrs Class 6            Joel M. 13yrs Class 6             Benjamin O. SPONSORED        Moses M. 14yrs Class 8             Issac M. 15yrs Class 7
      Ian K. 14yrs Class 8               Ian N. 14yrs SPONSORED         Joel M. 16 Form 1         Ronald W. 15yrs SPONSORED     Mary W. 13yrs Form 1         Michelle W. 15yrs Form 1
If it is not possible to do a personal sponsorship with one of our students at this time, please find it in your heart to donate into the Education Fund so that HFLW can assist our students the best we can.  All donations are tax deductible.
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