You have committed to your volunteering abroad.  You want to be as successful as you can. You want to make an impact! You want the opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of this fascinating country your exploring! Your funds are limited but there is a way to make it happen! FUND-RAISING!  
Volunteers like to raise money so that they can offset some of their own expense in making the journey and we do encourage this, because the more volunteers that we can bring to Kenya working on projects the more we can accomplish in the long run.
Other needs for fund raising can be specific, such as supplying books, pens and pencils, writing paper, food, clothing, shoes, or as huge as building schoolrooms, libraries, toilets for a school or day care.  Supplying mosquito nets, new mattresses, or plumbing for running water, it is all necessary.  Your fund raising will offer not only financial assistance for your travel and program fees but can lend an enormous opportunity with the programs and projects you will be volunteering with! 
Purchasing in Kenya helps their economy.  You can make sure that the money you have earned and that you spend will be directly distributed by you when you arrive in Kenya.
Hearts For Love Worldwide can give you ideas of what the greatest needs are at the time you are going on your trip.  This will help you if you are fund raising and earn extra money after you pay for your fees.  
Great Ideas or Opportunities To Fund Raise
  •  Family and Friends                             
  •  Community and your Neighborhood
  •  Provide a Service to Others
  •  Write a Fund Raising Letter
  •  Presentations
  •  Raffles
  •  Use the Internet/Technology
Now that you know there is a way to make your dream come true of volunteering abroad go to the application and sign up for your amazing adventure!  Once you have completed the application process, been accepted, and paid your deposit fee we will send you additional information on fund-raising.
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Can't make it to Kenya right now.....then throw a fund raising event and donate to your favorite project or funding program!
Meet new Friends!
Learn about a different culture!


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