Funding Programs
Hearts For Love Worldwide began funding programs for specific categories when we learned that our contributors wanted to know specifically how their donations dollars would be used.  They also wanted to be able to impact an area that they were most passionate about.  Teachers wanted to contribute to schools and school programs, doctors and medical workers felt the heart pulling toward their lifelong ambitions, as well as so many others felt it important to make sure that money contributed for food would actually get food to those that were going hungry.  Our newest addition is the Entrepreneur/Business program.
One thing Hearts For Love Worldwide is proud to say....we do not allow "a middle man", or government agency to dictate to us where, when, or how those hard earned dollars that you give will go.  We take those dollars and put them to work!  We get things done!  If you decide that you want to help feed the children, put kids through schools, or help stamp out AIDS or Malaria we will make sure that dollars do help in those areas.
Click on the picture to the right of each category to donate!
Education Fund
When you contribute to the Education Fund your dollars do the following:
  • Generate scholarships for US students wanting to enter humanitarian careers.
  • Pay for tuition fees for children going to secondary schools, college and trade school.
  • Pay for books, uniforms, shoes, backpacks for all grades.
  • Boarding school fees, a mattress, blanket, personal items when attending a boarding school.
  • Supplies teachers with items to teach with, such as books, tablets, pens, pencils, for all levels of classes.
  • Rural area schools lack funding to pay teachers, so we will help with salaries for teachers and their assistants.  (A teacher's salary - starts at $40 a month)
  • Money goes toward construction, and repairs.  Building desks, chairs, and tables.
  • Ideas are endless...........
Food Fund
When you contribute to the Food Fund your dollars will do the following:
  • Purchase food from local markets to help the economy, and distribute the food to the most needy of situations, such as day care centers, orphanages, medical centers, and community based organizations.
  • Begin and maintain food kitchen programs and school lunch programs.
  • Dollars will purchase plots of land, seed, fertilizer, to begin gardens managed by CBO's and NGO's where food distribution can take place.
  • Healthy water/wells.

 Medical and Health Fund
When you contribute to the Medical and Health Fund your dollars will do the following:
  • Many children have no medical care, funds are directed into clinic programs to provide vaccinations, wound care, cold and flu medicines, HIV/AIDS medicines etc...
  • Malaria is still a huge problem, and mosquito nets are continually distributed to families, hospitals, and orphanages.
  • Educational programs to teach birth control and family planning, First Aid, proper hygiene care for prevention. 
  • HIV/AIDS free testing and education.
  • Purchase necessary equipment and  supplies needed for rural dispensaries and clinics.
Entrepreneur/Business Fund
When you contribute to the Entrepreneur & Business Fund your dollars will do the following:
  • HFLW will distribute small loans to individuals who qualify with a business plan to begin a new small business.
  • The program offers educational workshops, and mentoring to secure the success of the new small business owner. 

All four funding programs are greatly needed for the success of the people of Kenya.  You can play a large part in giving to what we know works! 
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