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Galilee ~ Waddington High School Sponsorships
HFLW's goal is for a quality educational program and experience which we feel is the most important aspect of our organization.  Because of circumstances beyond our control it has been a mutual agreement that we discontinue association with these two schools and it's director.  We will not be re-opening sponsorship with Galilee Primary-Waddingtion High School.  Sponsors have been notified and our relationship with these schools will close on December 31, 2019. Thank you for your time, your generosity and efforts these last 19 months. 
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 Motto:  Strive for Excellence
The Galilee-Waddington education compound has become a center of excellence and an oasis of Hope for the orphans and vulnerable children living in the Kayole-Soweto slum.

One sunny day in 1997 a group of young men were walking through the slums and saw school age children out playing. One of the group, Fanuel Okwaro, said "How can we help these children get an education?" and at that moment a seed was planted.  Fanuel knew full well what it was like not to have clothes to wear, food to eat, or a home to stay in.  He had experienced first hand what it was like growing up poor.  Fanuel understood that for the children, getting an education would be key to turning their lives around.  He envisioned a place where all children were welcome and none would be turned away because of the inability to pay.
Galilee Primary, his first vision, started in an iron sheet hut donated by the church.  Use of the building was offered rent free for three years.  Fanuel could now realize his dream!  In 2002 a small group of international sponsors came together online to start providing resources and support to the school.
By 2003 Galilee had grown to include Baby Class through Class 7.  But concern arose as to what would happen to the students when they finished year 7 and beyond?  Where would they go?  In 2004 construction on what would come to be called Lorna Waddington High School began.   The school was named for Lorna Waddington who was the first to sponsor a child at the school and was instrumental in recruiting other sponsors to come on board.
Each year from 2004 onward an additional class was added.  With the combined schools they now served Baby Class through Form 4 (12th grade/senior year of high school).    In December of 2008 the first class, of 61 students, graduated from Lorna Waddington High School.

Over the years both school have grown. 
Currently Galilee Primary serves 1000 students, in 19 classes and employs 21 teachers.
Lorna Waddington has 300 students enrolled and serves 8 classrooms with 16 teachers.
Since its inception over 5000 students have passed through the doors with over 200 going onto University.
Many of the children enrolled in the schools, live in 10x10 iron sheet homes, which lack indoor toilets or running water.   Many of the children are orphans or come from single parent homes.  If parents are employed it is often as casual laborers.  For the school to continue to grow and flourish the children need sponsors.  It is difficult if not impossible for a school catering to the needs of orphans and vulnerable children to become self-sustaining but that doesn't stop Fanuel and his staff from working toward that goal.  The school has running water as the result of a fundraiser that enabled them to have a deep water well dug on the compound.  As an income generating project to help offset school expenses an on campus water vending business was set up to allow local individuals to buy clean water close to home for a reasonable price.  There is a children's home, Holly House, on campus that provides a loving home and a chance to go to school to orphans and vulnerable children with no place else to go.  As the High Schools academic standing advances those with a means to pay have sought admission.  Bunking at Holly House and paying a boarding fee is another way the school brings in additional funds.  We at Hearts for Love Worldwide believe in helping people to help themselves.  We believe in giving a hand up, not a hand out.