KevJumba Primary School
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         Motto:  Education is a Call to Action


KevJumba Primary School is located in Ngando Village part of the large Dagoreti slum outside Nairobi proper. The school was founded in 2000 by Muscort Musiega who ran the school until his death in 2012.

KevJumba is a small, struggling school with a current enrollment of 60 students, baby class through class eight. Classes are held in tin sheet huts with rough dirt floors. When it rains the classrooms leak, the road into the school becomes a rushing stream and the area a sea of rock and mud.

In an area where the average income is less than $2.00 a day it is hard for parents to meet their children’s educational needs. KevJumba students lack school fees, money for uniforms, school shoes and school supplies but despite this they are happy and eager to learn.

­­­Mr. Fanuel Okwaro, the current Director and his dedicated staff work hard to assure the children of Ngando continue to have access to a quality education in their neighborhood school.

 A makeshift kitchen a is dangerous option!       Classrooms in urgent need of repairs!
 KevJumba Primary School Wish List!
  • Students Sponsored
  • School Supplies and Teaching Materials
  • Textbooks to support new curriculum
  • School supported lunch program
  • Funds to repair & maintain classrooms
  • A designated kitchen area
  • Bathroom repairs

           Bathroom repairs
 To learn more about the Wish List and what you can do to assist the school to realize their dreams & goals click here.

KevJumba Students Needing Sponsor-ship
Primary Students needing sponsors are shown below.  The students will be all ages from Baby Class through Class 8.  To sponsor a child please follow the guidelines listed in our How To Sponsor Guide.
Sponsor-ship education gifts for all those posted on this page are for $20 per month.  $20 will cover the students school fees, one new uniform, starter school supplies and their daily lunch.  Please feel free to ask any questions via email to

   Dorcas K.SPONSORED          John W. 3yr Daycare              Alice W. 4yr Daycare               Joseph P. 4yr PP1                       Ivan A. 4yr PP1                     Emmanuel O. 6yrs PP2              Elieza M. 7yr Class 1
      Jacob M. 8yr Class 2             Kingsley O. 8yr Class 3           Johnstone G. 9yr Class 4           Britine A. SPONSORED                   Selina K. 9yr Class 4          Sheila S. 10yr Class 6           Felix O. 11yr Class 6
    Purity K. 12yrs Class 7         Joseph N.SPONSORED          Eggrey A. 14yr Class 8
If it is not possible to do a personal sponsorship with one of our students at this time, please find it in your heart to donate into the Education Fund so that HFLW can assist our students the best we can.  All donations are tax deductible. 
Need or want to use your PayPal account to give?  then use email:
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