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What does Natamuse mean?  for this small and remote school operating in the Amboseli National Wildlife Range, at the foothills of Mt. Kiliminjaro the Maasai refer to Natamuse as "to realize or awaken".  Maasai culture is steeped in traditon, but we also learn this village wants more than tradition and culture to direct their futures.  They seek possibilities, change, and empowerment!  Natamuse Jr. Academy was started to empower young minds for the future.  Not many Maasai have had the luxury of attending school in this community.  Natamuse offers the opportunity to awaken and enable students to change and improve their lives through education.  We are here to support their efforts!
Located 10 km from town Natamuse Jr. Academy currently resides on rented property.  130 students attend school within the iron sheets, raw lumber, and dirt floors.  The school began in 2010, and now has 7 classrooms, and 9 teachers.  The school survives on sponsorships.  Students that are awarded such a privilege thrive and will make a difference.  Sponsorships provide uniforms, school supplies and daily lunch for these children who come from families that do small scale farming.  Today the school looks forward to moving to a permanent location.  Property was bought to accommodate a new school.  A school made of concrete blocks, floors, real desks, and all the needs a school should have to operate properly has been this community's vision and dream for many years.  Unfortunately, it has not come to fruition, and at the end of the 2018 school year if the school has not moved to its new location The Ministry of Education will come to close its doors.  This cannot happen!  It doesn't matter whether the building is concrete blocks or not, the students can excel in any environment with focus and teachers who care!  That is the goal today!
 Natamuse Jr. Academy Wish List
  • Student Sponsorship
  • 150 cups, bowls and spoons
  • New Curriculum Text Books
  • 4 toilets
  • Assist to move the school
  • 4 additional classrooms
To learn more about the Wish List go here.

 Natamuse Jr. Academy Students for Sponsorship
Primary Students needing sponsors are shown below.  The students will be all ages from Nursery through Class 7.  To sponsor a child please follow the guidelines listed in our How To Sponsor Guide.  Smiling faces are hard to resist!  Natamuse depends on sponsors.
Sponsor-ship fees for all those posted on this page are for $20 per month.  $20 will cover the students school fees, starter school supplies, a uniform  and their daily lunch.   Please feel free to ask any questions either via email or call 928-451-2522. Jennie 937-622-8092
    Elizabeth K. SPONSORED              Evaline S.4yrs Nursery                  Lydia W. SPONSORED                    Laisa L. 5 yrs PP1                   Lenkai Z, SPONSORED              Katoo L. SPONSORED
      Yona Y. 12 yrs Class 4                    Joyce M. SPONSORED               Lomenyak L.12 yrs. Class 6             Sian J. 11 yrs Class 6               Gideon 14 yrs Class 7             Nchipai SPONSORED

If it is not possible to do a personal sponsorship with one of our students at this time, please find it in your heart to donate into the Education Fund so that HFLW can assist our students the best we can.  All donations are tax deductible. 
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