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$35 + $5 S&H
Primary Students needing sponsors are shown below.  The students will be from Baby Class through Class 8.  To sponsor a child please follow the guidelines listed in our How To Sponsor Guide.
Sponsor-ship gifts for all those posted on this page are for $20 per month.  $30 are for Holly House students where listed.  $20/$30 will cover the students school fees, a uniform or shoes if needed, starter school supplies and their daily lunch.  Please feel free to ask any questions either via email, holly.caulfield@gmail.com , loryjacobs@yahoo.com  or jenniefriesthler@yahoo.com or you may call us at 928-451-2522 Lory or Jennie 937-622-8092.
  Dorcas K. 3yrs Baby Class           Faith K. 5yrs PP1                    Laisa L. 5yrs. PP1                Mary C. 5yrs PP1            Emmanuel K. 5yrs PP1        Emmanuel O. 6yrs. PP2
               KevJumba                        EP SPONSORED              Natamuse Jr. Academy                  EP SPONSORED                 Esther Preparatory                       KevJumba
                                Christine O. 5yrs PP2             Oscar W. 6yr PP2               Emmanuel T. 9yrs Class 1        Isaac M. 5yrs Class 1         Virginia W. 8yrs Class 2     Sylvester M. 8yrs Class 2
           Esther Preparatory               Esther Preparatory                   Esther Preparatory                Esther Preparatory              Esther Preparatory               Esther Preparatory
                          Catherine A. 10yrs Class 2          Kingsley O. 8yrs Class 3          Lenkai Z. 10 yrs Class 3       Susan W. 9yrs Class 3           Katoo L. 11yrs Class 4           Britton A. 9yrs Class 4
   St. Joseph's Academy                      KevJumba                          Natamuse Jr. Academy           Esther Preparatory              Natamuse Jr. Academy                   KevJumba
   Selina K. 9yrs Class 4       Martin M. 9yrs Class 4            Beth N. 9yrs Class 4             Joel K. 12yrs Class 4           Paul S. 11yrs Class 5              Joel M. 13yrs Class 5                                KevJumba                    Esther Preparatory            EP SPONSORED                 Esther Preparatory             Natamuse Jr. Academy              Esther Preparatory                   
       Joyce M. 11yrs Class 5          Sheila S.10yr Class 6            Sian J. 11 yr Class 6           Lomenyak L.12yr Class 6          Kikey 11 yr Class 6            Sarafina A. 11yrs Class 6                 Natamuse Jr. Academy                 KevJumba                     Natamuse Jr. Academy          Natamuse Jr. Academy           Chavara CMI Primary              Chavara CMI Primary                     
     Gideon 14yrs Class 7          Joseph N.13yrs Class 7         Purity K.12yrs Class 7         Benjamin O.14yr Class 7      Moses M.14yrs Class 7            Ian K. 13yrs Class 7
     Natamuse Jr. Academy                 KevJumba                             KevJumba                      Esther Preparatory              Esther Preparatory                   Esther Preparatory
   Nchipai 17yrs Class 7                Quinn O. 15yrs Class 8          Ian N. 13yrs Class 8             Joel M. 16yrs Class 8        Ronald W. 15yrs Class 8       Mary W.  12yrs Class 8       
   Natamuse Jr. Academy                Chavara CMI Primary            Esther Preparatory                 Esther Preparatory              Esther Preparatory               Esther Preparatory              
  Michelle W. 15yrs Class 8
      Esther Preparatory
If you are unable to sponsor a student at this time or not interested in sponsorship please consider giving to our Education Fund so that HFLW can take care of those needs for our students.  Thank you!  DONATE TODAY! 
Need to use Your PayPal account to give?, use email loryjacobs@heartsforloveworldwide.org

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