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Primary Students needing sponsors are shown below.  The students will be from Baby Class through Class 8.  To sponsor a child please follow the guidelines listed in our How To Sponsor Guide.
Sponsor-ship gifts for all those posted on this page are for $20 per month.  $20 will cover the students school fees, a new uniform, pair of shoes, supplies for school and their daily lunch.  Please feel free to ask any questions either via email loryjacobs@yahoo.com or call Jennie 937-622-8092
 (G) Ruth  SPONSORED           (B) Laisa 5yr Nursery           (G) Naserian  SPONSORED                      (G) Sian 6yr Pre-Unit                    (B) Tinayo SPONSORED
                         (G)Jennifer SPONSORED    (G) Caroline SPONSORED      (B) Ruben  SPONSORED        (G) Siapei-SPONSORED      (G) Catherine 9 yr Class 2        (B) Lenkai 10yr Class 3                    
 (B) Simel 10yr Class 3              (B) Katoo 12 yr Class 4        (B) Simon 10yr Class 4         (G) Lanoi SPONSORED       (G)  Dorcas SPONSORED         (B) Paul 12 yr Class 6       
                  (G) Sian J 11 yr Class 6       (B) Kikey 11 yr Class 6      (B) Lomenyak 12yr Class 6    (G) Naomi-SPONSORED      (B) Gideon 14 yr Class 7   
                                                                                      (B) Nchipai 17 yr Class 7     (G/O) Quinn 15 yr Class 8
If you are unable to sponsor a student at this time or not interested in sponsorship please consider giving to our Education Fund so that HFLW can take care of those needs for our students.  Thank you!  DONATE TODAY! 


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