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Primary Students needing sponsors are shown below.  The students are from Baby Class through Class 7.  To sponsor a child please follow the guidelines listed in our How To Sponsor Guide.
Sponsor-ship gifts for all those posted on this page are for $20 per month.  $20 will cover the students school fees and daily lunch.  Please feel free to ask any questions either via email loryjacobs@yahoo.com or call 928-451-2522.
  (G) Ruth 6yr Baby C              (B) Laisa 4yr Baby C              (G) Naserian 5yr Nursery                         (G) Sian 5yr Nursery                       (B) Tinayo 9yr PreUnit
                         (G)Jennifer-SPONSORED      (G) Caroline 7yr PreUnit          (B) Ruben 10yr Class 1        (G) Siapei-SPONSORED       (G) Catherine 8 yr Class 1          (B) Lenkai 9yr Class 2                    
 (B) Simel 9yr Class 2                (B) Katoo 11 yr Class 3          (B) Simon 9yr Class 3           (G) Lanoi 11 yr Class 4       (G) Seyian 11 yr Class 4           (B) Paul 11 yr Class 5       
  (G) Sian J 10 yr Class 5       (B) Kikey 10 yr Class 5      (B) Lomenyak 11yr Class 5    (G) Naomi-SPONSORED     (B) Gedion 13 yr Class 6       (B) Nchipai 16 yr Class 6
 (G/O) Quinn 14 yr Class 7

Hearts For Love Worldwide
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