Primary School Student Sponsorships       
Primary school students consist of those in "nursery school classes" through Class 8.  In comparison to schools in the United States this can be from pre-school age children to 8th Grade (Jr. High).  Public/government school is paid for by the Kenyan government but in order to attend classes the student must acquire a full proper uniform and school supplies.  If the parents are unable to purchase these items the child is not allowed to attend.  There are no laws forcing attendance.  Many of these children will never attend school and so the cycle continues.  Lack of education breeds poverty!
Because Hearts For Love Worldwide has so many primary school age children in need we do not list them individually.  Instead we have a gifting program that will meet the necessary needs for each child. These children are located primarily in the area of Ngong, Kenya.  We are currently involved with 4 schools needing assistance for the neediest of children. 
Send a Child to School
Primary Gift Giving 2016 
One Time Fee  $150 for the entire year
                                    or you may choose an easier budget plan
Choose a monthly budget plan.  Education donations are accepted at ONLY $12.50 A MONTH. This contribution will assist students from Nursery through Grade 8 in the day school program giving them the opportunity to attend classes with no interruptions.  Go to the donation page, check the $12.50 box, and "Recurring", into the Primary Gift Giving 2016 and each month $12.50 will be charged on your credit card. Or you may send a $12.50 check each month to the address below. On the monthly budget plan you must make a one year commitment.  At this time we will choose a child for you and send you his/her photo and information about the child so that you may participate in the child's progress if you choose to.  When you pay the One Time Fee of $150, check the proper box on the donation form and Primary Gift Giving 2016 to get proper credit to the program.  We will choose a child in need, send you his/her photo and information about the child so that you may participate in the child's progress throughout the school year.  Any questions please send an email or call so that we may help you. 
the child will receive
  • A full school uniform/including socks & shoes
  • pencils, exercise books and other school supplies
  • a book bag & a daily lunch

Donations are tax deductible  ~  Donate into the Gift Giving Primary 2016 Fund
You may use a major credit card or PayPal
Kenyan schools are incredibly over crowded and understaffed.  If you would prefer to do a personal sponsorship with a child we welcome you with this opportunity.  Individual sponsorships are a personal choice and commitment.  There are many orphaned children who would benefit greatly from a personal relationship from a loving family or individual. HFLW will choose a child for you and help you through the process of sponsoring them.  The child may attend the government school or if you wish a private or boarding school setting is normal to.  Please do not mistake "private" or boarding schools to be compared to the same cost in the US as this is not the case.  The cost is very small in comparison and the child will excel.  Sponsors who are currently caring for students in private schools and boarding schools are pleased with the process and comment that it is a rewarding experience! They receive quarterly updates on the progress of their child, up to date photos, paperwork, school grades and additional information making the sponsorship personal. 
Email if you choose this avenue.
Need to send your donation through the mail.....
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