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Supported Schools are just that!  Schools that we give extra attention to because their needs are greater than most.  The schools may be located in the city adjacent to a population of extreme poverty within a slum area, and it may carry the extra burden of giving refuge to orphans and vulnerable children.  The school may be small located in a suburb where jobs are scarce, or in a rural community where the school caters to people who are affected by HIV/Aids.  And then there are schools that are remote.  Families in these areas rely on small scale farming and self sufficiency as there are no jobs or money.  
Supported schools rely heavily on sponsor-ships.  Sponsored students and the income that it may generate helps to pay for school fees, gives some added support to a lunch program, and may assist with the teachers pay.  What sponsor-ship doesn't do is provide books, school or teacher supplies, school maintenance, construction or repairs.  In some schools, school uniforms or shoes are not available.  We are an education program and this offers more, such as student and family counseling, career counseling, activities and workshops.  All added support to help the schools be successful.

Each school is privately operated and not a government run school.  These schools must abide by all the same rules of the Ministry of Education but without the financial support of the Kenyan government.  This can be difficult for them to meet all their needs.  Giving support to these schools has increased their performance levels which in turn increases a students opportunity to be successful in the future. Our goal is to support these schools so that they may rise to the top, and provide for their students and families a way out of poverty.

If you would like to use Your PayPal account to donate or sponsor a child use the     following email: loryjacobs@heartsforloveworldwide.org to do so.
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