Secondary & University School Students 
         Trade School Students
We need to save these Kids!  This is the future!  Whether it be in Kenya or around the world...they need a chance to flourish.  I personally speak and visit with these kids.  They do have an agenda for life, if given an opportunity.  If we do not assist at this level they will continually end up living in poverty.  These kids are bright, motivated, and so willing to make a difference!  Please help me to help them!  ~ Lory Jacobs
Secondary and University level students need assistance when attending school.  Because this level of education is not funded by the government a very small percentage attend classes.  Tuition, book fees, uniforms, shoes, supplies, are needed for secondary students.  Some college level or trade school students will only need tuition and books paid for. You may choose to be pro-active in the life of a student, communicating, mentoring, and personally forming a relationship or you may choose to remain anonymous.  No matter what you decide secondary , university, and trade school students need financial assistance. HFLW will choose a much needed student for you and advise in how you can be the most help financially.  If you choose to take on the task of sponsorship we will make arrangements to have you involved with the student if you so choose to. You will learn your students personal history and/or background, their achievements, and their goals. We will mentor you as a sponsor with the do's and don'ts so that everyone is happy and productive. It is a rewarding experience! You will see photos, receive letters, and report cards throughout the year, and you are welcome to write to your student as well.
Hearts For Love Worldwide has on staff a volunteer in Kenya who works one on one with each student throughout each year keeping the student on track with their goals.  Mentoring and counseling is done quarterly and always as needed by our Advisor to ensure the success of the student you are sponsoring.
The cost of sponsorships are not always easy to be determined because it does depend on the grade level, school to be attending, whether it is a day school or boarding school.  University and trade schools have different costs as well but when the student is ready to attend at this level our education advisor in Kenya helps with where is the best or most effective situation for the student so that it coincides with their goals.
Estimations on school fees can range from the least being $300 yearly to $1100 a year.  With orphaned students the cost becomes solely the responsibility of the sponsor and with other students with parents or guardians we ask them to accept partial responsibility financially if at all possible.  We will ask you first if you are willing to sponsor an orphan or if you prefer to work along side the parent/guardian with the financial obligations of the student. This can be a win-win for both parties concerned.  With a payment plan as an option you may pay for the students full year on December 1st of each year or opt to contribute 3 times a year, in December, April, and August.  Each school year begins in January and ends in November. 
We are very passionate about our students and want to make sure that all your questions are answered before making such a commitment.  Please call at any time or send an email so that we may help you.
If you are unable to do a personal sponsorship with one of our students at this time, please find it in your heart to donate into the education fund in order to allow Hearts For Love Worldwide to assist them the best we can. 
Donations are tax deductible
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