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 Secondary, University, Trade School Students for Sponsor-ship ~ $20 monthly gift!
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Secondary education is not funded by the Kenya Ministry of Education.  Tuition, books, uniforms, shoes, and supplies are the responsibility of the student.  Many will not be able to go to high school because they cannot afford the costs.  Our sponsorship program will assist with these needs.  Some students will need full support from a sponsor, while others will partner with a sponsor and the parents. 

University and Trade school students may receive some financial assistance from the government but that is only dependent on the level of grades that the student achieves at the end of their secondary education.  National Exams scores must reach B- or higher for help with fees from the government.  And many students do not have the opportunity to study the careers of their choice but instead will be given financial assistance with a choice that the government makes for them.  In many instances, tuition, books, and dorms/food are not available unless the student is sponsored.  Some of the students will hold down a job if possible or parents give some assistance but the difficulties are still high at this level. And for orphaned students this will never be a dream fulfilled unless we take on the responsibility for them.
                  D/Mary ~ Form 2                     D/Kayombya ~ Form 2             B/Beatrice ~ Form 3                         B/Susan ~ Form 3                           D/Leonard ~ Form 3
                 D/Christine N Form 3                      B/Esther Form 3                 D/Sylvia A Form 3                B/Lucy W  Form 4 
              O/B Irene 19 ~ Moi University 1st yr                  B/Margaret 20 ~ Kiambu Institute
                   Communications&Public Relations                            Building Technoloy
If it is not possible to do a personal sponsorship with one of our students at this time, please find it in your heart to donate into the Education Fund so that HFLW can assist our students the best we can.  All donations are tax deductible. 

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