Hearts For Love Worldwide
Find life and love in all that you do.  Raise your thoughts beyond the limits of your own beliefs and convictions, so that you may open to the magic, the simplicity,
and the beauty of all things. 
Marvel at the splendor of the world because in reality, it is a part of you.
    Lory Jacobs ~ Founder
My love for Africa and Kenya is embedded deep in my heart.  Some call it the "cradle of humanity" and now I know why.  It encircles your soul holding tight as it teaches you compassion, tolerance and LOVE.  Out of the experience it brings a person to a greater understanding of what HOPE really means!   

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I began my journey to Kenya, Africa in December 2007.  Staying as a volunteer in an orphanage for 3 months in a place called Embul-bul I soon learned that life as I knew it was to become very different!   Children are placed in orphanages when they have lost parents to HIV/Aids, ethnic and tribal cleansing, parental abandonment, or horrific physical and sexual abuse.  Despite the adversities these children faced every day they still had a smile knowing that someone still loved them and cared for them.
Through donations from family, friends, and my own personal funds I was able to do several things for the children.  Food, clothing, school fees, school supplies, and many baby items were the normal needs and I managed to provide what was necessary at the time.  I took an old building and refurbished it into a library, purchased computers and turned it into a opportunity for the children to view the world from a new and different perspective, bringing their dreams to life through books and the internet.  To say the very least, I am Hooked!
On my return to the USA I couldn't allow this experience to go untouched.  I felt the pull to do more and began Hearts For Love Worldwide a 501(c)3 that has grown over the last 10 years from my experiences.  I personally fund my own trips and operating expenses so that donations dollars are used for the projects and programs. 
I am not a celebrity or have backing from big companies.  I rely on people like you to help make a difference.  Our challenges are great and needs are many but I know with the kindness and generosity of others we can do so much more.
It has been an exceptional journey that has brought me to an understanding that all of humanity deserves the chance to have a better life.  This continuing adventure gives me the innate ability to assist others without conditions or judgment but with compassion and heartfelt love!
                                                                               Thank you.............Lory Jacobs
Hearts For Love Worldwide
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