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Hearts For Love Worldwide
989 S. Main Street A-122
Cottonwood, AZ 86326
Office Hours
USA +1 928-451-2522 (not in use at this time)
USA 937-622-8092 Jennie Friesthler/10 am - 7pm EST (In use)
Lory is in Kenya from November 8, 2018 through March 19, 2019 and can be reached at the following Kenyan phone number.
Kenya Phone In Use  011-254-79 691 6244

Lory Jacobs ~ President
Jennie Friesthler ~ Secretary/Treasurer
Board Members 2017-2019
Alison Potter
Terri Gladden
Chris Kolkman
Jennifer Danielson
Administration                                                                   Education/Project Coordinator HFLW
Jennie Friesthler                                                                        Lory Jacobs
jenniefriesthler@yahoo.com                                                  loryjacobs@yahoo.com
Project Coordinator:  Sponsorship Program
Holly Caulfield
Kev Jumba Primary School
Galilee Primary School
Lorna Waddington Secondary School
Holly House Children's Home
Financial/Volunteer Coordinator~ Kenya 
Moses Njoroge
Student Counselor ~ Kenya
Virginia Wangui
Student Tutor ~ Kenya
Cyrus Anzeze

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Hearts For Love Worldwide
989 S Main St A-122
Cottonwood, AZ 86326