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USA Arizona Time  8 am - 8pm                                       Hearts For Love Worldwide
Lory  ~ 928-451-2522                                                        989 S Main St A-122
Jennie ~ 937-622-8092  10 am - 7 pm EST                  Cottonwood, AZ 86326              
Lory will be in Kenya from November 18, 2019 - March 30, 2020 and can be reached at the following
phone number in Kenya.   011 254 79 6916244
The 928-451-2522 number will not be use beginning Nov. 18, 2019 thru March 30, 2020.
Lory Jacobs ~ President
Jennie Friesthler ~ Secretary/Treasurer
Board Members
Alison Potter
Terri Gladden
Chris Kolkman
Jennifer Danielson
Jennie Friesthler                                                                       
Education/Project Coordinator HFLW
Lory Jacobs
Natamuse Jr. Academy
Individual Primary and Secondary Students
Project Coordinator:  Sponsorship Program
Holly Caulfield
Wisesteps Academy
PCEA Secondary School
Financial/Volunteer Coordinator~ Kenya 
Moses Njoroge
Student Counselor ~ Kenya
Virginia Wangui
Student Tutors ~ Kenya
Cyrus Anzeze
Any Questions or Concerns Please Email or Call
Thank You For Your Support!

Hearts For Love Worldwide
989 S Main St A-122
Cottonwood, AZ 86326