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Our Mission ~ to create sustainable change in the lives of those living in poverty in Kenya. 

Our Vision ~ through education a difference will be made for every man, woman, and child!  

Hearts For Love Worldwide is a small organization with a very big heart!  We are asked, why Kenya?  The answer Why Not!  It does not matter where we go in the world or how large or small the task, it just matters that we get it done!  Our organization will entice your spirit and warm your soul as you reach out to others.  Being a small organization allows for personal service and safety to you on your volunteer travels.  Staying small gives us opportunity to use contributions for the purposes intended with our projects and programs.  If you are ready to give and have time to spare join us for an extraordinary journey!        
Take a journey of the heart and soul....learn about a
different culture, make new friends, share your
professional and personal skills to help others.
 Do You Love Children? 
Do You Want To Help?
Join one of our scheduled trips
to Kenya and volunteer
in the areas of....
  • Family and Children's Care 
  • Special Needs Children/Adults
  • Teaching and Education
  • Orphanages
  • Volunteer with the Maasai

Single Volunteering or with a Friend

We Welcome Private Groups 
Church, School, and Work Groups or Volunteer Families!
Discounts Available/Tax Deductible
Hearts For Love Worldwide has an important role in providing opportunities to assist through our funding programs.  Funding programs offer a financial structure so that needs can be met. Our four focus areas are Education, Food/Nutrition, Medical & Health, and small business opportunities through the Entrepreneur/Business program.
       EDUCATION FUND              FOOD FUND                     MEDICAL & HEALTH                   BUSINESS
Sponsorships serve a purpose and are important.  We welcome sponsorships for students of all ages.  High School level students are the most vulnerable.  Because the costs are at most times unaffordable to the parents these kids will never attend or will drop out, leaving them to find other ways to survive.  Education is the key to rising from poverty.  Visit Primary Gift Giving 2016 to help a child with their education!

The charity gets the money, the donor gets a tax receipt, the buyer gets a bargain.
 Volunteer Card for Voluntourists; Travel Insurance, 24/7 Assistance, and Discounts for Volunteers                                                           

Hearts For Love Worldwide
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