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      Education is the Key to Life!
We believe that Education is a vital part of living on the planet today!  It is the catalyst for change.  From the littlest student to the oldest patron anywhere in the world education will be the glue that keeps society continuing to move forward with compassion for humanity.  Teaching subjects from Math, Social Studies to Religion and Economics it all plays a part in how a person views the world.  Once it is understood how education can change a life it expands and changes a community, then a country and finally the whole of humanity.
Knowledge is power!  The kids of Kenya understand this and know that education will lead them from poverty.  Education will give them the tools to become healthy members of their community.  They know and understand that with this powerful knowledge they can conquer their challenges, move through adversity, and one day fulfill their dreams!   Hearts For Love Worldwide assists those in Kenya with their education endeavors. 
HFLW Education Programs
  •  Invest in a Child    
  •  Career Day Event
  •  Basic Computer 
  •  Counseling & Workshops

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