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Secondary Students for Sponsorship..........
At this time we do not have any new secondary students available for sponsorship.  We will wait until the new school year begins in Spring 2022.  If you are interested in sponsoring please leave us a message and we will contact you when children are available.
Secondary Students (High School) from Form 1 through Form 4 will be listed on this page. 
Form 1 = Freshman, Form 2 = Sophomore, Form 3 = Junior, Form 4 = Senior.
Secondary students either attend a private or government school,
either as a day student or a boarding student. 
We encourage public/government high schools because of possible additional government financial support that can be given along with sponsorship.  Day school attendee fees will be $25 monthly beginning in January 2022 for all new sponsorships.  Boarding school attendee fees will vary, but on average a monthly fee would range from $40-$50 monthly.  Co-sponsoring is welcomed.  Parents if able also contribute to their childs fees when attending boarding and if fees are more then what a sponsor might give.
  • Private day or boarding schools fees can range from $40-$50 monthly, and co-sponsoring is available along with parental assistance if they are capable.
  • A sponsor is not expected to pay anymore than what they can, with $25 monthly being the minimum we ask for as the base start-up sponsorship fee.
  • Total orphans and very vulnerable children usually attend boarding and require $40-$50 monthly fee.
    To sponsor a child please follow the guidelines listed in our How To Sponsor Guide.  Everyone likes the little kids, but the older children are in great need too!  If they do not attend high school the chances of them being on the streets, or girls becoming pregnant, are realistic with all hope for the future lost.
We will list new students for sponsorship Spring of 2022.  Sponsor-ship fees for those posted will start at $25 monthly.   Attending a boarding school, private, or public/government can determine different fees for that student.  Send Lory or Holly an email to learn more and to make arrangements early.  Please feel free to ask any questions via email loryjacobs@yahoo.com  or holly.caulfield@gmail.com
If it is not possible to do a personal sponsorship with one of our students, please find it in your heart to donate into the Education Fund so that HFLW can assist our students the best we can.  All donations are tax deductible. 
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