Hearts For Love Worldwide offers sponsorship programs.  These programs are necessary.  We offer the opportunity for individuals like yourselves, organizations, churches, small and large businesses to assist small children through adults pursue their dreams!
 Our Sponsorship Programs:
  • Primary School Students ~ Pre-School Age through 8th Grade
  • Secondary School Students ~ Grades 9-12
  • University, College, and Trade School Level Students 
  • Business/Entrepreneur

70 % of the population in Kenya are under the age of 30 which leads us to believe that if we do not help to educate these young people the cycle of poverty will continue.  Most of those under the age of 30 are either orphaned or come from very poor families.  We also know that those teens that reside in children's homes are sent out on their own sometimes before finishing school because the children's home itself cannot afford the school fees.  When this happens more than not, these kids will never be educated.  As the generation grows older with no education they will continue to live and fight for survival.  We can change that by sponsoring a child's education.

Primary School Sponsorship
The Kenyan government does not pay for pre-school children.  If a parent cannot afford a uniform, shoes, mandatory supplies, the child is not allowed to attend.  Kids age 7-8 are just beginning their classes in preschool because of lack of fees from either parents/guardians or the orphanages they reside in cannot afford to send them to school.  Grades 1 - 8 are paid for by the government but if the parent cannot afford the uniform, shoes, and mandatory supplies the child is not allowed to attend.  Hearts For Love Worldwide has a program called Primary Gift Giving 2016 that helps to alleviate the costs of these children so that they may consistently attend school.
Secondary School Sponsorship
Students who attend 9th grade through 12th are not subsidized by the government.  Parents must pay for this level of education for their children.  This especially affects orphaned children as children's homes many times cannot afford the fees either.  If students do have a chance to attend it is usually the boys that will have the opportunity and the girls will stay home caring for other siblings or are expected to find work to help supplement the family income.  Many young girls become married off to older men so that they do not become a burden to the family.  School is not an option.  At this age many of these young people end up on the streets stealing and prostituting to survive.  The drop out rate in Kenya is phenomenal which greatly contributes to the poverty seen today in Kenya.  Hearts For Love Worldwide is dedicated to helping to break this cycle.  We know first hand when a secondary student is awarded an education and when they have completed this education they do help the family and other siblings.  Eventually we see an end to a cycle within that family.
University, College, and Trade School Sponsorship
If a student has been able to complete their secondary education the possibility of attending higher education or a vocational trade school is not available to them without financial support.  With your help we can change this.  We have students that have dreams of attending a university to further their education to help themselves, their families, and their communities.  The cost is minimal in comparison to costs of university level of education in the United States.  See Secondary/University Sponsorship
As a reminder with all sponsored children and higher education recipients, HFLW does ask the parents to participate/share in the financial responsibility of the child's education.  Financial amounts are decided upon on a case by case basis.  Sometimes their portion shared with us or a designated sponsor like yourselves may be very minimal or perhaps 50%.  We feel that when the parent/s take a vested interest in their child's education they will have a better chance of succeeding.  HFLW does not want to give hand outs but instead a hand up!
Entrepreneur/Business Sponsorship
Our newest sponsorship program funds a small business start-up.  This program gives a budding entrepreneur in Kenya the opportunity to begin their own small business.  The financial obligation is very small in nature but the rewards are enormous, as it will help to stamp out poverty.  See Entrepreneur/Business Sponsorship
We ask, if you cannot fund alone, consider forming a group of friends, work colleagues, or bring your family together to meet the needs of a student.  
If you are unable to take on the responsibility of sponsoring any of our children, please consider contributing to our education fund so that HFLW will be allowed to help those students with the most need.
Examples of what can be accomplished:
  • local hair salon pools $850 to send woman to beauty school. She is now able to care for herself and child. 
  • Family donates $1000 to help a woman open a shelter for young rape victims.
  • Donor pays for student to attend high school for the next 4 years.
  • Donor pays boarding school fees for young woman, keeping her from an arranged marriage at 13

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