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Hearts For Love Worldwide offers sponsor-ship programs.  These programs are necessary.  We offer the opportunity for individuals like yourselves, organizations, churches, small and large businesses to assist small children through adults pursue and realize their dreams!   
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Many public Kenya schools are incredibly overcrowded and understaffed.  Public schools are not completely free as always lead to believe.  Families must supply 2 complete uniforms, workbooks, supplies and pay for school trips & transportation, which for the majority of those living in poverty is not possible.  HFLW through sponsors and our Education Fund alleviate the burden of these costs.  We work with both public and private schools but mostly private schools because the fees are reasonable and the classes are smaller allowing our students to receive a quality education.   A few of our schools are in remote rural areas providing an education for several children that otherwise would not have the opportunity. Our goal is to bring the family and school together to help educate the child to the best of their ability.  We have guidelines that we use with parents/guardians to insure that the sponsored student is benefiting fully from our program.
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